First blog post

Welcome! I created Simply Sustainable to show others that living a sustainable life is easy and can lead to a positive impact on your household, but the world around you. What is living sustainable? Sustainability is defined as to maintain and remain at a certain level.┬áLiving sustainable is producing less waste, conserving energy, and preserving the community you are in. It may sound challenging or uninteresting, but making a few minor changes to your lifestyle can lead to a huge difference in our environment. Our climate is in desperate need of help, and we cannot let the government continue to make minimal changes and expect good outcomes. We the people must participate in helping as well. I hope this website can show you at least one way of changing your lifestyle to benefit the environment. My goal is to show people how easy it is to transition your lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly. It is time that we all participate in the efforts to reduce Global Warming and make our planet “green” again!