I cannot begin to tell you how important nutrition is to one’s health. Not only is it good for your physical health, your mental health benefits as well. When I first started focusing on going vegan I first began to think about what alternatives I could be making to make the adjustment easier on myself. The easiest adjustment I could begin with was cutting out dairy.

I know for some cutting out dairy is nearly impossible, but I promise you the transition is so worth it. I cut dairy out first because a friend of mine told me she stopped being so bloated after cutting out dairy. After she told me this I too began to realize after having dairy I never really felt too good. I turned to drinking almond milk and using it in my cereal. Instead of having ice cream, I turned to sorbet and frozen berries. Within two weeks I noticed a HUGE difference in my health. I felt more energetic, less bloating, and has less stomach pains. Going dairy-free has multiple benefits; better respiratory health, improved digestion, clearer skin, reduce the risk of cancer, and decrease oxidative stress (stress & inflammation!)