Zero Waste

Going zero waste is an incredibly challenging transition. You really have to reevaluate products you buy, how you prepare your food, and even how you clean your house. The journey has not been easy, and I am still trying to go totally zero waste. I know I’ll get there eventually, but I’m content with the progress I’ve made.  Our climate is currently in need of desperate help. The average American produced 4 pounds of garbage in one day, that’s crazy! So in one year I could produce almost 1,500 pounds of waste. I could only imagine what is sitting in a land fill that I have thrown out that could’ve easily been recycled or composted. And thats where it all began. I wanted my goal to produce only 4 pounds (or even less hopefully) of garbage in one year.

I first started going trash free by recycling, purchasing a water bottle, and using reusable bags. Recycling is SO easy. I don’t understand why every business and household recycle. Recycling makes a huge difference.


Purchasing a water bottle was just common sense. Not only was I saving money by not buying cases of water, I wasn’t producing as much plastic waste.


I absolutely love reusable bags. Not only do you get some money back for using them, they’re versatile! I use my reusable bags as overnight bags, storage bags, and as a lunch bag. Since you cannot recycle plastic bags, I highly recommend purchasing reusable bags for your grocery store runs and other shopping needs.